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Cerakote High-Temperature Ceramic Coating

Ranked #1 in high-temperature coatings, performing up to 985 Celsius it is the perfect solution for parts such as exhaust systems, or any high temperature components.

Cerakote Ceramic coating is a thermal barrier, keeping the heat within the manifold or header will provide the following benefits:

  • Increased horsepower
  • Outstanding great looks
  • Reduced Surface temperature
  • Increased fuel atomization
  • Lower under-hood temps
  • Reduced corrosion & chemical damage to parts

It can also be used on many other parts not needing the thermal barrier, many people just love this product for the large range of colours and the long-lasting protective finish.

Some clients even opt for a clear coat Cerakote to protect the parts that they don’t want to rust or change aesthetically.

For more information about colours and mechanical properties, please visit www.cerakote.com

Here at True Fusion Ltd, we have experts in the application of Cerakote ceramic coatings.

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This short video is well worth a watch!

It answers many questions in regards to Cerakote’s amazing heat resistant qualities, and general toughness as a ceramic coating.

Here is another short video demonstrating the flexibility of Cerakote ceramic.

Cerakote coatings can take up to 180° of flex before you see any type of adhesion issue.

This makes it a great product for a large variety of items needing coating, including springs etc.